Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11AM-4PM  

Admission $5 (Children under 4 and 65+ free)

Dig in the Fossil Bone Yard $15 for 30 mins, keep 5 fossils!

The Museum at Dinosaur Junction is dedicated to inspiring, educating and enriching life in Eagle County and Colorado as a whole by deepening the understanding and appreciation of history and science through the research, preservation and exhibition of paleontological treasures and discoveries, and the development of a reference library with a focus on Colorado’s high country fossils and paleontological history. Exhibits cover a comprehensive 200 million year history of the region, from fossil dinosaurs beginning in the Triassic, through the Jurassic, and into the Cretaceous including fossils from the Western Interior.

Admission: $5.00 per person to our Non-Profit,  Children under 4 & Adults over 65 and over are FREE. 

                                                           WE ARE OPEN and LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT! 

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