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Go back in time to the prehistoric Eagle County Colorado 
to a land where waves once crashed on the shores of an ancient ocean, shifting sands
sculpted vast desert dunes, and steamy prehistoric jungles blanketed the landscape.
Through it all, the biggest creatures to ever walk the Earth, roamed, fought, lived, and died. 
See some of the largest preserved trackways in the country, as well as bones and other fossils dating back over 150 MILLON years from the Jurassic & Cretaceous eras!
Scenic, personalized, guided tours of ancient Dinosaur sites, footprints and bones. 
Minimum 2 people, Maximum of 6.
Ages 12 and up.
NOTE: Tours involve moderate physical exertion. Must be able to handle
     strenuous activity and an intermediate hike at high altitude, not for the un-fit.
Not recommended for people with heart concerns. 

Please email for tour inquiries! 
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