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You know how every child loves dinosaurs?

Well it was no different with me! But I never grew out of it and eventually Fossil Posse Adventures was born.

Along with Fossil Posse, I have unlocked the desire to share in the discovery and cultitvate the passion for adventure and exploration.

I have had the opportunity and honor of working alongside some of the most talented and knowledgeable scientists from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as well as being a member on several National Geographic Expeditions. During these expeditions I was lucky enough to discover long hidden treasures from the distant dinosaur past; bones, skulls, horns, footprints, teeth, claws, egg shells, skin, and more! The only thing more exciting and rewarding than finding a dinosaur, is sharing that excitement and that reward with others.


   Billy Doran

        -Founder of Fossil Posse


We are located at 100 YACHT CLUB DRIVE, WOLCOTT, CO 81655

Exit 157 off I-70. Go north on the access road and left on Hwy 6. Make the first right on Hwy 131. Cross the Eagle River Bridge and the railroad tracks, make your immediate right at the Gallegos Cororation Entrance, look for the Fossil Posse logo. After turning here, make an immediate left into our compound.


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